about replay.flights

replay.flights website can replay your GPS tracks in a 3D animated map.

It can display many kinds of GPS tracks, airspaces or tasks. It supports IGC, GPX, CSV, Openair, XCTSK and XCTrack QR code files, KML/KMZ obstacles or Geojson. Just open replay.flights and drag the files into the map

You can display and share multiple flights at the same time, link to a specific time and place, leave comments, adjust tracks manually and much more.

Use it to explore unfamiliar areas, compare your flight with others or create site briefings.

For a full overview of the features, read the user guide or watch video tutorials on youtube.com/@replay.flights.

This project exists thanks to everyone who got the PRO subscription or donated to the project ❤️

This is a business by: Jakub Ludma E.I., 4 Rue Louise Collomb, Grenoble, 38000 France

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